So you thought it was your boss making stressed out, before you tried your hand at working for yourself.

Unfortunately, if you are already self employed, you are likely to be realising that workplace stress does not go away just because your workplace is now possibly your living room and stress from your boss has not eliminated because your boss is… you!

Just because you are negotiating the details of a business deal in your pyjamas and having to chase invoices up, whilst fending off a toddler’s tantrums, doesn’t mean the pressure is off. Anything but.

Once you have turned self employed, the stakes get even higher, because on top of everything else you now have the responsibility for bringing in the money, each month, every month. And the stressful job that you have just left, may look more and more like a cakewalk.

If you are responsible for employees and a workforce to pay each month, the pressure will be really on.

So how do you deal with stress at work when you are the boss or are working for yourself?

Here are some of our top tips.


Wherever possible, don’t end up doing the same thing twice.

If for example you are writing a blog post for your website and you also need to have content for a newsletter which you send to clients, why not use the same copy for both.

With a little tweaking blog posts can be used in newsletters and also, broken up into snippets for use on social media.


If the wheels are coming off your business and you have already experienced one issue – for example a cash flow crisis – you need to not only solve that problem short term, but try and prevent it re-occurring.

So for example with your cash flow situation, look at what caused this to occur. Was it one particular customer who was a late payer? Could you offer incentives to customers who pay earlier like a discount?

When you know there may be problem on the horizon, try and find ways around it before it happens.


Yes really! Or, at least, within reason! You are self employed now, so unless your job requires you to perform a specific service at a set time of day, you should be able to work the hours which suit your own body and lifestyle best.

If you are not a morning person, then burn the midnight oil and get up later. If you want to take naps and work around them, then do so.


But, leading on from the point about body clocks and finding your own natural rhythm, it is of course important to make sure you get enough sleep. Whether this is one long eight hour night or broken up into cat naps, is up to you but lack of sleep is one of the leading contributors to stress, of any kind.

If you find relaxing hard, try to disconnect from your phone or laptop for an hour before going to bed and make sure you are not being disturbed by emails and messages.


Try not to neglect your friends and family when you go self employed. One of the biggest problems people have when they work for themselves is actually stopping working and remembering to have a home life.

So try and make time to switch your phone off and put the laptop away after a certain time.

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