Six Figure Income offers life coaching and mentoring to people like you. People who are either in business already or about to take the plunge and become their own bosses.

These aren’t the only types of people we can help. We can help anyone with their career and choices. Here are some of the coaching sessions and services we can provide.

  • Business and sales coaching in your workplace – for team members and leaders

No matter where you are in the country, we can come to you. There is a member of our team in all the corners of the United Kingdom.

Our workshops are very intensive and we can provide coaching for up to six team members, per booking.

We like to keep group sizes as small as possible in order to really focus down on individual group members’ strengths and areas of development.

If you require 1 on 1 coaching, that can also be arranged.

You can tailor the length of the workshop to your needs. We usually recommend a minimum of one full day, with the option of going up to three days if required.


  • Banish negativity affecting your sales performance
  • Enhance communications skills between team members and team leaders
  • Identify any underlying problems in the workplace culture
  • Help your staff achieve their full potential
  • Help tackle absenteeism
  • Increase your sales significantly


  • Management Coaching For The Workplace

This is intensive 1:1 coaching which assigns one coach per management member.

During the course of the workshop, we will observe the management team at work and then help them understand what the strengths and the weaknesses of their leadership style are.

Our coaches will be able to suggest what is holding back the management team from effectively operating and we will offer practical solutions to actual workplace problems.

We deal with stagnating management systems in large companies all the time and often the businesses involved have been staggered by how much more effectively their teams and upper echelons of management have worked afterwards. In fact, we have been likened to oil being poured into an engine!


  • Career guidance and advice

At all times, we offer career advice and guidance to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business or branching out on their own.

If you planning on going self employed for the first time, you should definitely book one of our advisors first and they can help set you on the path to success in your new chosen career.