Six Figure Income offer a revolutionary new way of doing business. We believe it all comes from the mind.

Your business idea is only as good as your belief in it is and your belief in your business, ultimately begins with your belief in yourself.

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Sherman, Six Figure Income has itself gone from strength to strength. From a single man, offering life coaching skills, it has grown into a national franchise and there are Six Figure Income coaches all over the United Kingdom.

Our headquarters are based in London, but no matter where you are in the country, we can have a life coach at your door within three days of making a booking.

We specialise in careers guidance and coaching people who want to start their own business. A lot of times, we simply help people give the permission to themselves to start their dream.

But we are also practical. We never advise anyone to give up their day job or place themselves in a precarious situation, without thoroughly researching all the options first.
Quite often, our strategy to someone looking to fly solo on their own projects will be “sure, but how do you eat whilst you’re doing that.”

This is not because we are trying to bring people down, but precisely because we are working with them, to achieve their goals.

We will troubleshoot and help you to combat the problems which are holding you back. We advise you and find ways that you can open that shop, but still pay all the bills at the same time.

Because what we believe in above all, is positive thinking and creativity.

Very often, there is a way that your goal can be achieved, it just takes a while to see where that path lies.

By booking one of our coaches, both you and your business will be off to the best start possible.