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Promoting Your Fledgling Business

You are just getting started and the one thing you need more than any other is clients. So what are our best tips for getting your order book full and your new business bank account bulging?

Well, clearly you need to advertise. But this does not have to be an expensive business and many of these ideas are completely free, you just need to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and do some of the work yourself.


Your company needs a name and an image. This means a logo, which is easily and clearly recognisable. This can then be transferred onto not only your website, but also any printed promotional items which you will send out to clients.

If you have staff members – or even if you don’t and it’s just yourself – what about getting some promotional company work wear printed up?

Not only might it boost you and your staff’s morale, but it presents a clear, visible image to the public as well.

Branding can also be applied to all your letter heads, complements slips, invoices, envelopes and all manner of other stationery.


The beauty of social media is that anyone can use it and it is free to do so.

Okay, so adverts on facebook cost money, but they may be worth it in the long run.

Blog posts and frequent updates on your business page however, cost you nothing and will put you in touch with your client base.

We recommend becoming part of the community and LinkedIn may be especially useful to entrepreneurs and contractors just starting out.

Ask clients to review you on social media sites. You could also offer to answer questions about your particular niche or area of expertise.


You don’t need to spend money employing a marketing firm to do all your marketing for you. Just a bit of research about all the various email marketing tools that are available, could transform your business and garner repeat orders from loyal customers.

All at the click of a button and without you needing to do any real life legwork – apart from firstly setting it up!


As well as social media, you need to reach out to people in your locality. If you have a shop or business premise, ideally you want to fill it with customers and clients.

One way to do this is to host a workshop or a class in your chosen trade or business.

To help promote this you can employ the use of branded giveaways in your shop front or office. Don’t be afraid of using business promotional items when you meet a client for the first time.

If someone has done business with you once, complete the deal with some small memento like branded promotional pens or maybe some promotional cups.

These will display your logo prominently in their workplace and remind both them and everyone around them of your company and your service.

Media promotions don’t have to stop there either, branded travel mugs are the new office promotional cups and will be transported about, around the place, showing off your logo to a wider audience!

Merchandising products with logos on like USB sticks and mobile chargers get used in offices and they are a handy reminder that you exist.

These aren’t the only dinky sized thing, which are useful to have to hand that can be used as branded giveaways for your business.

But the principle of them all is the same.

When that client is thinking about re ordering or is in need of the service you provide, they will be more likely to give you a call again, than your competitors.